Racing against the hourglass.

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I remember watching a particular Brendon Burchard video; it was nestled amongst the chaotic mess of a million open tabs on my computer. I was sitting on the couch watching personal development YouTube videos in an attempt to procrastinate productively — in other words, procrastinating by watching somewhat meaningful content. I won’t lie and claim I was watching those videos with any intent or attention. But I guess it’s a small step up from binge-watching Friends on Netflix.

Here are the bare basics of the video. Brendon had a girlfriend. They were joined at the hip — until she discovered…

But I’d only recommend reading two out of the three.

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Here’s what you’ll be reading. I’ve taken the most personally impactful idea from three books that cost less than $20 on Amazon. Maybe they’re relevant to you; perhaps they’re not. But since you’re here already, there’s no harm in scrolling down and checking them out. Maybe an idea will catch your eye.

P.S. I would recommend reading two out of the three — you can guess which one I don’t recommend.

The 5 AM Club ~ by Robin Sharma

Don’t let the words “5 AM” scare you. Trust me, when a friend gave me this book, I looked at the title and quietly wept on the inside. I’m…

Writing frequently will not guarantee success, but not doing so will guarantee failure.

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At the beginning of the month, my top article had accumulated just over 350 views. By the end of the month, I had an article that has amassed over 15K views and counting.

I posted ten articles in that month. Six were curated by Medium. Two of them were distributed across three or more different topics. In the last week of the month, I received emails informing me of my top writer status in Life, Self Improvement, and Love.

I won’t lie. It wasn’t easy. But it’s not impossible either.

#3: The key to dealing with CHANCE events is to prepare strategies beforehand.

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My family played a lot of board games when I was growing up — we’d always make a night out of it. I would light up the fireplace, my mom would order pizza, my brother would make milkshakes, and we’d all argue with my dad whenever he tried to invent new rules.

One of my favourite board games growing up was Monopoly — not because it was the most fun but because I was always the banker. As a 10-year-old kid, being the Monopoly banker represented an opportunity to hold the entire family accountable. …

My experiences after getting my first large, visible tattoo.

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I remember the moment the needle touched my skin for the first time. I was bare-chested, reclined on an uncomfortable leather chair. Even though my eyes were closed, I could feel the artist’s face getting closer to my body. My palms were sweating, and I clenched my jaw as I braced for impact. Then it happened. I felt the needle graze the skin on my chest. And just like that, I lost my tattoo virginity.

My first tattoo was my late grandfather’s name written in Kanji over my heart. It was a small piece, about three square inches. You wouldn’t…

Setting goals, cardio, and self-care during a pandemic.

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Among the outcomes of COVID-19 was my own selfish issue — a set of fitness plans left unfulfilled and ruined by the gym closures.

Fitness was a significant part of my life. I would go to the gym five times per week. On average, my workouts were 90 minutes long — a combination of heavy lifts to get stronger, hypertrophy training to build muscle, and cardio to simulate the experience of dying.

I meal prepped for three to four days at a time. I also tracked my eating with an app called MyFitnessPal to make sure I was hitting my…

From one guy to another, we need to educate ourselves.

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I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou.

I read this book in 2010, when I was 15 years old. As a young boy, it changed my life trajectory and was fundamental in developing my character and principles. It motivated an introspective journey to challenge the beliefs I had about women and race. Beliefs that might appear benign but are ultimately destructive, perpetuating problems that I outwardly condemn but internally and subconsciously support. This book became the framework for my interpretation of feminism and the struggles women face.

I return to one passage quite frequently.

“Without willing it…

You cannot gain anything without first giving something in return.

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You want to live a better life. You want to be successful. You want to be happy. You want to love and feel loved. You want to experience life to the fullest. However, I’ve noticed that wants rarely become realities.

We have a skewed perception of the journey to living a better life. We see outcomes because outcomes are easy to see — we see the beautiful vacations, the fancy cars, and the happy smiles on Instagram. But we don’t see the sacrifices. We don’t see the unfortunate consequences of living a better life. And I’m not just talking about…

Two friends who have challenged my perspective on politics and wealth.

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Our society has lost the ability to communicate effectively. We are more interested in shouting over other people than listening and discussing ideas with civility and compassion. We have lost a sense of mutual respect for people on the other side of the aisle — a sense of respect that is a requirement for productive dialogue.

There’s a lot of things that make us mad. I get it. But our anger doesn’t give us permission to criticize and condemn and assert our moral superiority without any opportunity for discourse.

Two topics that seem to be a hotspot for this type…

Real friendships. No funny business.

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I was reflecting on an article I wrote a few months ago about the benefits of having an opposite-sex friendship. The article received some unsavoury comments — I deleted anything that was inappropriate or misogynistic. However, looking past the crudeness, I began to wonder why it’s so difficult for men to fathom being friends with a woman.

And I’m not talking about a crush disguised as a friendship.

A lot of guys label women as their ‘friend’ but secretly want to sleep with them — this is the long game. The guy is supportive, friendly, and seemingly harmless. …

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